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Sustainability Is Not Always Good For the Environment

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It sounds like the worst thing any environmentally conscious human being could say, but it is true in a way. We are doing a bad thing for the environment by being sustainability-oriented.

This is because when most people use the term “sustainable” they are not thinking about the world’s most beautiful and untouched natural places and keeping them in tact. They are thinking more about maintaining their level of comfort.

In other words, if I throw a plastic cup into a recycle bin, I feel good about myself because I am conserving resources that will be able to go back into serving my needs on this planet. I’m not thinking about the future of the ocean and how its shorelines will be utterly destroyed by so-called environmentally friendly turbines for natural power sources that I will end up using. These power sources will not serve to help the deserts or rain forests, they will only serve me.

The rainforests themselves are going to wind up being where we get all our bio-fuel from so that we can power our sustainable cars. The more I think about it, the more I think sustainability is bad for the environment.

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Updating The Service Fabric Development Environment

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Since Service Fabric constantly provides new releases or updates of the SDK, runtime as well as tools used in local development, it is imperative that you keep up to date with these new releases. This ensures that you have access to new features, performance improvements and bug fixes when building or testing your apps locally.

First and foremost, you will need to clean up your local cluster. Service Fabric currently does nor support upgrading the runtime while running a local cluster. As such, it is imperative that you clean up the local cluster first.
To clean the local cluster, follow the following steps:
1. End any other PowerShell windows and start a new one with the administrator option.
2. Navigate to the directory in which the cluster set up is located. For that, go to ProgramW6432\Microsoft SDKs\Service Fabric\ClusterSetup

3. Once you have located the directory, run the .\CleanCluster.ps1

Updating the SDK, runtime and development tools

You should proceed with the upgrades as follows:
1. Start the installer on the web to update to the new release.

2. Once it has finished, launch a new PowerShell window, again as an administrator and navigate to the directory where the cluster setup is located. Use the same method as earlier

3. Now run the .\DevClusterSetup.ps1 to set up the local cluster.

Now that you are done with the upgrade, you can launch visual studio and commence building your applications.

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Why Our Native Forest Regulations Need to Move With The Times

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The RFAs that currently govern forestry activities have failed in their attempts to protect the environment, and they have also failed to protect the industries that rely on the forests. The RFAs were drawn up around 20 years ago, and this means that they are woefully out of date. The forestry industry has changed significantly in the last two decades, and we need to accept that if we are to ensure a bright future for subsequent generations.

One example of this is the renewable energy target. The most recent deal reduced the target by more than 20 percent, and introduced a new wind farm commissioner. It also means that wood taken from native forests may be burned to produce energy that is still classifiable as renewable. This policy is short-sighted; it takes decades, if not hundreds of years, to grow those forests and they can now be burned in minutes. We cannot afford to allow this, because of the lasting impact that it will have on the ecosystem. The new policies will pollute our atmosphere and deplete our carbon reserves. Any suggestion that it will be about ‘waste’ not whole trees, is shortsighted given the wording of the regulations.

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Why We Need a New Convention to Protect Africa’s Environment

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Africa is a continent that is popular with tourists and that has a diverse ecosystem. Unfortunately, that ecosystem is under threat because of miners, basic materials companies, the very tourists that come to see the nature that they are destroying, and land owners looking to develop some of the last unspoilt areas of land in the world.

We need a convention in order to protect the environment in Africa, because if those developers are allowed to go unchecked, the damage that they could do to the world may be irreversible and cause the extinction of so much flora and fauna.

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Why We Need a Green Revolution

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The world is in need of a green revolution. We have been debating issues like peak oil, CO2 emissions and climate change for so long now that we have reached crisis point. While climate change deniers believe that the problems we are being warned about would happen anyway, regardless of the improvements to efficiency and emissions that are being proposed, it should be clear that the work we are doing is important to the world regardless – why not build a better world, even if global warming is not man made? This is our chance to end pollution, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and revolutionise the world.

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The Middle East Wars Are Improving The Air

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Could it be possible that something good is coming out of the civil war that is raging on in the Middle East? Apparently there is. Scientists have discovered that the air in Damascus has shown a 50% drop in nitrogen dioxide over the last 10 years.

The reason for this drop is because of the refugees fleeing the area. In turn, this has caused cities like Syria to show an increase in nitrogen dioxide, seeing as it has been a haven for refugees. With less people burning fossil fuels it’s only natural that the air will become cleaner.

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Becoming Energy Efficient And Save The Environment

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One of the best ways a homeowner can become energy efficient is by generating their own natural electricity. By powering our homes with solar power, we will be saving the environment and saving on utility bills at the same time.
Basically, this is a winning situation for everyone that is involved. When you choose to use solar energy power, you will be relying on the sun as the driving force for generating your power. The sun gives us natural energy and when it is combined with solar panels, it can be used to generate electricity for our homes. Become energy efficient today and save the environment.

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Different Effective Study Environments

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It’s hard to pin-point exactly what makes up an effective study environment. All students are different and they have different habits. Even though it might sound a little hard to believe, there are students who hate studying while it’s too quiet. Strange as it may seem, students that like a noisy environment don’t want isolated movements, which ultimately leads to distraction.

Our logic tells us that an effective surrounding involves silence and this is true in some cases. There are students who simply can’t concentrate when there is movement around them. In conclusion, the best place to study is where you feel comfortable.

Why Morning Walks are So Important for Patient

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Do you feel browned off at the blitz of being asked to urge up early and select a walk? presumptively affirmative, however it’s expedient to try to to therefore because it is certainly reaching to prove you benignant enough. No matter, morning walks square measure toilsome most of the days, however they’re going to actually be kind enough to you in futurity.

Morning walks square measure believed to be vital and important . it’s supported the adage: “No pain no gain”. you’ve got to abide by the pangs of arousal early for a morning walk, which is able to assist you lead a hale, hearty and strong life.

Morning walks square measure valid because the most important of all physical exertions. There are not any at hand dangers hovering over it. it’s unquestionably and utterly safe and harmless for everybody, regardless of their age.

Here may be a list of ten reasons why we tend to believe that morning walks square measure vital.


1. Reduces risk of heart diseases:

Morning walks square measure like heart curers. once you create it a habit to maneuver enter the morning for the sake of your health you scale back the danger of heart diseases manifold. it’s conjointly thanks to larger quantity of intake of chemical element that resultantly purifies the blood, decreasing the danger of diseases. Morning walks have even be tried healthy for heart because it burn down further and undesirable fats of the body that in turns maintains the steroid alcohol level within the body. This method reduces the danger of heart diseases to an excellent extent.

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2. Weight loss:

Loss in one’s weight is what each individual urges and needs for. It becomes far more practical just in case of food lovers, conjointly termed as “Foodies.” It becomes a significant task for them because it is heart breaking for them to go away the delicious food ahead of them and most of them don’t extremely hassle regarding walks. But, this appears to be a nasty plan. it’s wise to require the pain of a morning walk and redeem the gain of healthy life. Morning walks square measure well-tried to be nice accelerators in reducing your weight.

The consciousness of health that each person is a component of, appears to be ineluctable. attributable to the increasing ailments and diseases, folks have accepted the benefits of morning walks and set to stay healthy. Moderate weight is a vital issue for each individual as corpulent folks tend to comprise the hands of great health problem as well as that of heart. Therefore, morning walks square measure necessary for weight loss that successively provides you a bouncing life.

3. Keeps you energetic and dynamic:

Morning walks square measure supply of ample and expert energy. a straightforward enter the morning will create your whole day bouncing. You stay aloof from the torpor routine and behave far more actively than you are doing once you jettisoning the walks. the rationale behind your feeling energetic is that when a brisk walk the circulation of you blood becomes absolute and acceptable. this can be the necessity of each body to remain work and healthy.

4. Immunity booster:

Morning walks doubtless boost your energy. you are taking yourself for a brisk walk, inhale a lot of of chemical element, exhale the ototoxic components and therefore purge your body of the banes, there by turning yourself into healthy person. it’s not invariably like” boost is that the secret of our energy”, it’s conjointly brisk morning walks that becomes the sneak of your energy. Your body’s immunity will increase manifold once you begin basic cognitive process that morning walk pangs square measure higher than health pangs. All you’ve got to try to to to spice up your immunity is select a morning walk and keep work.

5. Reduces risk of heart diseases:

Morning walks square measure like heart curers. once you create it a habit to maneuver enter the morning for the sake of your health you scale back the danger of heart diseases manifold. it’s conjointly thanks to larger quantity of intake of chemical element that resultantly purifies the blood, decreasing the danger of diseases. Morning walks have even be tried healthy for heart because it burn down further and undesirable fats of the body that in turns maintains the steroid alcohol level within the body. This method reduces the danger of heart diseases to an excellent extent.

6. Say no to hypertension:

If you’re an everyday morning walker, you scale back the danger of being a cardiovascular disease patient to an excellent extent. Morning walks square measure associate degree aid to manage and improve the circulation of the body. the correct circulation turns to keep up the pressure level of your body, holding you avoid your being a cardiovascular disease patient. If you only follow the beats of morning walks you’ll be able to trustfully say no to cardiovascular disease and your tension of being a cardiovascular disease. simply a brisk morning walk will cause you to stress free and sickness free, say yes, and live free.

7. Brain power:

You probably possess a pointy brain if you select a morning walk. the correct circulation and augmented chemical element offer within the body provides your brain a dose of brain booster. you’re unbroken removed from being absent minded if you’re a habitual morning walker. You stay active altogether spheres throughout the day and square measure ready to facilitate your brain with correct work. These square measure all resultants of a morning walk.

8. correct sleep:

Forsooth, you’ve got to rouse early for a enter the morning. But, it conjointly provides a correct sleep when a full exhausting day. The brain functions fully well once it’s been well provided with the desired ingredients. You don’t got to worry regarding lack of sleep the opposite day as a result of you sleep a wonderfully sound sleep thanks to that piqued walk. It nevertheless provides you with all hail aspects that improve the functioning of your life. this can be well-tried reason to remain healthy as a result of morning doubtless offer you a correct sleep.

9. appropriate circulation:

Your blood circulation becomes fully good if you like going for a brisk morning walk. This successively reduces the danger of the many diseases which can be the explanation for the dearth of physical activities. This reduced risk is that the reason why we tend to believe that morning walks square measure of utmost importance.

10. Sugar free:

Morning walks don’t allow you to simply comprise the hands of polygenic disease. It reduces the danger of accelerating your body’s sugar level to an excellent extent. A diabetic patient is suggested to travel for brisk morning walks as this management the glucose in their body. it’s conjointly aforementioned that if the patient keeps up the habit of going for a morning walk frequently from the initial stages, the glucose of the individual might come back all the way down to traditional. The serious restrictions on diet may be reduced thanks to morning walks.

11. Health is wealth:

If you don’t possess a correct health, all of your wealth goes waste. Your health is your wealth. an everyday morning walk will give you with the foremost necessary wealth- your health. You keep work and healthy and solely then square measure you ready to continue your tasks that earn you one thing. Health ought to be your foremost priority, as a result of that’s all you would like for a contented life.

Morning walks are well-tried to produce most of the health to a personal. it’s thanks to this that you simply stay sickness free and stress free and square measure ready to continue your tasks for the day more. so, say affirmative to morning walks and keep healthy


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Environmental Management System

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In recent times it has been accepted by scientists that climate change and man made emissions are causing climate changes throughout the world.

The ten most warmest years recorded globally since records began have occurred from 1994 onwards with considerable carbon dioxide concentrations increasing considerably. Carbon dioxide from the business sector is responsible for 40% of the UK’s total carbon dioxide emissions.
If we do not take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions the global average temperatures could raise as much as 5. 8 centigrade higher than average by the end of the century.

This will result in devastating effects on human society and the natural environment. Scientists have predicted that this climate change will lead to increased drought, extreme rainfall which will have a dramatic effect on agriculture particular in vulnerable under developed countries around the world.

Businesses are one of the main sources of these damaging greenhouse gas emissions which in recent years have been targeted by government legislation to tackle climate change including a levy placed on the use of energy by businesses. Environmental legislation requires all businesses to make certain their work activities do not harm the environment.

It is estimated that in 2002/ 03 industry in the UK produced around 68 millions tonnes of waste which without action the figure is expected to rise to 85 million tonnes by 2020.

The environmental agency estimates that there were over 25,000 pollution incidents which affected air, land and water in the UK in 2003. With 1,100 recorded has having a significant serious impact on the environment. Business was accountable for over half of the serious reported pollution incidents in 2004.

45% of the 68 million tonnes of industrial and commercial waste produced in the UK in 2002/ 03 was recycled. The UK is however on course to meet its target set by Government for reducing the amount of industrial waste sent to landfill which is 15% against 1998 recorded figures.

To prevent further damage to the environment companies must become responsible for Environmental management. This will include recycling as much waste produced, conserving energy, reducing waste to landfill and reducing carbon dioxide emissions produced by your company’s activities.

In my next article I will expand on what a company needs to do in more detail to fulfil their legal requirements in environmental management. If you are concerned or interested about what your employer can do to manage environmental issues at work, please feel free to use my articles as guidance on how to manage environmental issues.

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